Help Feed the

Vulnerable Community

of Fisantekraal

Fisantekraal is located 8km from Durbanville, Cape Town. The City of Cape Town estimates ± 6,000 families making up 30,000 residents, with 75% below the age of 20 years. The community struggles with high unemployment rates as well as child-led families, many of whom are not able to afford food.

Our Goal is to Raise

R1,287,360 / $71,500

  • 100% of these funds will go towards buying soap and food parcels.
  • A food parcel of ± R60 consists of staples which will be distributed to each of the ± 6,000 families.
  • We aim to blanket the entire community a minimum of 3 times, ideally once per week.
  • The 1,000 most vulnerable families have been identified and prioritised with the help of community organizations and social workers.
  • Each person will be fed at an estimated cost of R1.71 or $0.10

Co-founder & CEO – Chanan54

Our strategy is to blanket the community (30,000) multiple times in a systematic way, see the progress map. Cash flow permitting, we are planning doing fewer but larger drops, thereby minimising our volunteer’s exposure to COVID19 and possible risk to physical safety. A very small team will respond to specific requests for the most vulnerable.

Chanan54 parcels are rations, intended to keep people from starvation and not intended as balanced meal.  We therefore don’t believe there will be any conflict with the other smaller relief organisations who have more substantial parcels to delivered to individual requests, as the need is so deep.



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Funds Raised

The Current Goal is moving number driven by the cost per food parcel. The Current Goal is calculated by multiplying 18,000 parcels x current price per parcel (currently R71.25).

Funds raised includes all donations that have gone through the following bank accounts:

  • Chanan54 – FNB, Investec, Paypal
  • Chanan54 Inc (USA) – Bank of America
  • Hillsong Africa Foundation – FNB

Donations in products or time are not included – e.g., fresh produce (flour, eggs, mushrooms, butternut), volunteer time and volunteer personal cost.

Donations by the Co-Founders for all non-food costs are not included – e.g. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), food processing equipment, transport and volunteer refreshments.

Funds Deployed

We have negotiated a deal with one of the large super markets and received excellent discounts. Currently a food parcel of staples and soap costs R71.52 The retail price for this food parcel is ±R110.00 In our original calculations which were based on the food parcels distributed in other locations we estimated cost per parcel of R60 per parcel, this has subsequently increased slightly and and we have also added soap.



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The only factor driving this metric is food parcels distributed. People Fed = food parcels distributed x 5 (average people per dwelling). Single meal distributions from vetkoek mix or fresh produce are not included.

We expect our first wave to be completed ±14 – 18 days. Funds permitting and given our supplier stock availability and volunteer distribution capacity, future waves could occur more quickly.

Food parcels are intended as ration portions to feed a family of 5 for a week. (We are aware that families of 10 or more have lived off this for a week). We want to explicitly state that the food parcels are ration portions intended to keep people from starving and not as a nutritionally balanced meeting the daily caloric requirements as stated by South African government.

With this being a relief effort and with the knowledge that funds are limited, we have opted for a blanket strategy. This means that we aim to ensure that every resident has something to eat rather than fewer people who are well fed whilst others starve. We by no means believe that our offering alone is sufficient or that people will be properly fed as they would be in normal conditions. Given the deep need and the understanding of the limitation of our food parcels, we greatly welcome other organisations that run soup kitchens or offer more substantial food packages to complement what we distributing. Many of the fresh produce donations received from local farms have gone to these soup kitchens.

We have received donations for cake flour and have also purchased flour and ingredients to make up a vetkoek mix. This has been distributed to carefully selected community members with the means to prepare the food and whom we know will distribute to their neighbours, most especially the children who are by and large underfed and hungry. Two tonnes of flour feeds and estimated 50,000 people for a single meal.

A food parcel currently consists of:

  • Maize Meal – 2.5kg
  • Salt – 500g
  • Soya Mince – 200g
  • Sugar Beans – 500g
  • Tomato & Onion Mix – 410g
  • Soup mix – 500g
  • Bar of soap.



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This metric was included as it is commonly referred to in relief efforts and also captures all the food distributed. This is made up by total number of parcels (People Fed/5) x parcel weight AND other food. Therefore the Weight Distributed number will be greater the number of food parcels (People Fed/5) x parcel weight.

Weight Distributed is comprised of the following:

  • Food parcels – at 5kg per bag.
  • Fresh produce e.g. eggs, butternut, mushrooms, etc, which we generally receive in bulk deliveries measured per ton.
  • Single meal ingredients e.g. cake flour (which we buy per ton), sugar, salt, etc.

We meticulously account for all funds, food parcels & fresh produce that passes through our hands and have adopted a conservative approach in reporting these numbers.

The 3 key metrics that we track are 1) Funds Raised, 2) People Fed, and 3) Weight Distributed. These metrics, although interdependent, cannot be perfectly correlated and don’t necessarily move in sync. For example:

  • Funds Raised will increase without an increase in People Fed, as we are gathering funds for our next bulk purchase OR
  • Weight Distributed will increase without People Fed changing, as we include extra items like eggs, or vetkoek mix to the same people who have received food parcels OR
  • Weight Distributed will increase without a change in Funds Raised as we received donated items OR
  • Weight Distributed will increase with a change in People Fed as we add fresh produce to the food parcels or donate to soup kitchens.

You can give via EFT if you're in South Africa, or via PayPal and credit or debit card if you're anywhere in the world.

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Chanan54 NPC
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Reg: 2017/541302/08
NPO: 229-262
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